SuomenlinnaShop is a shared online shop offering products by vendors in Suomenlinna. The SuomenlinnaShop online shop is designed and run by the Governing Body of Suomenlinna.

Independent vendors in SuomenlinnaShop include:

Ehrensvärd Society, to the Suomenlinnatours website.

Suomenlinna Toy Museum and Café Samovarbar, to the Toy Museum website.

Café and Villa Silo, to the Silo website.

Linna Bar, to the Linna Bar website.

Hostel Suomenlinna, to the hostel’s website.

lilli U, to lilli U’s website.

MUUTE, to MUUTE’s website.

Suomenlinna conference and banquet facilities, to the website.

Products on offer in SuomenlinnaShop are purchased from the respective independent vendor. Each vendor is solely liable for all parts of the sale, including the accuracy of product information, the availability and prices of products, the terms of sale, payment transactions and the product’s delivery to the customer. If you have any questions about a product or sale, please contact the vendor of the product in question.

The customer agrees to comply with the terms of the vendor when purchasing products and services in the SuomenlinnaShop online shop. 

General terms and conditions of SuomenlinnaShop

  • Prices listed in the online service are subject to value added tax.

  • Products are sold to private individuals above age 18 and to business customers.

  • We reserve the right to price changes.

  • The customer is responsible for the accuracy of information entered in the service.
  • Before ordering, the customer must read the terms of delivery of the respective vendor. The terms of delivery can be found in the online shop of each vendor. The links to the shops are listed above.

In matters related to the administration of SuomenlinnaShop or if you are interested in becoming a vendor, email us at